Recordings of the following sessions are available on request (contact

  • ‘Reclaiming the Enlightenment.’ Interview with Hasana Sharp and Marlene L. Daut (Amsterdam, 28 October).
  • ‘Januari’s Ghost.’ Keynote lecture by Alicia Schrikker (Utrecht, 29 October).
  • A recording of ‘Silent / Loud Voices / Bodies’ with Sandy Bosmans, Francio Guadeluope, Charissa Granger and Thalia Ostendorf (Amsterdam, 28 October) is available on the Spui25 website.

Thursday 28 October, University of Amsterdam

TimeActivityLocationSpeaker and short title
10:15Welcome with coffeeHall
10:45IntroductionUTOrganising committee
11:00Session 1a
Silence and Dreams
UTChair: Sophie van de Elzen
* Mikki Stelder, ‘Attending to the Leusden’
* Thomas van Binsbergen, ‘A Philosopher’s Dream’
* Sophie Rose, ‘Enlightenment Imaginations’
Session 1b
Literature and Empathy
101aChair: Sruti Bala
* Sarah Adams, ‘Subversion and the White Self’
* Pichayapat Naisupap, ‘Elephants and Slavery’
* Claudia Zeller, ‘Attitudes on Slavery in Travel Accounts for Children’
13:30Session 2a
Political Debates
UTChair: Karwan Fatah-Black
* Gertjan Schutte, ‘Dutch debates about slavery and the “Berbice Rebellion”’
* Philip Post, ‘A Benign Empire?’
* Dirk Alkemade, ‘Pieter Vreede, Abolitionism and Human Rights’
Session 2b
Women’s Voices
101aChair: Barnita Bagchi
* Gerlov van Engelenhoven, ‘Historical Voices and Silences’
* Claire Morrison, ‘Whitewashing Nature’
* Marijke Huisman, ‘Protestant and Feminist Appropriations’
16:00Online interview
with keynote speakers
UTModerators: Rachell Gillett and Marrigje Paijmans
* Hasana Sharp
* Marlene Daut
17:00No programme
18:00Conference dinnerKantjil en de tijger, Spuistraat 291
21:30Evening Programme Silent / Loud Voices / BodiesSpui25Moderator: Thalia Ostendorf
* Charl Landvreugd, ‘A boat came from Braamspunt’
* Charissa Granger and Francio Guadeluope, ‘Trans-Caribbean Theorizing via Trance-Caribbean Daaance’
* Sandy Bosmans, performance
22:30End of programme

Friday 29 October, Utrecht University

TimeActivityLocationSpeaker and short title
9:30Welcome with coffeeD21 0.32
10:00Keynote lectureD21 0.32Moderator: Nancy Jouwe
Alicia Schrikker, ‘Januari’s Ghost’
11:00CoffeeHall Drift 21
11:30Session 3
On Tour and on Display
D25 3.03Chair: Alison Boyd
* Maria-Rey Lamslag, ‘The Contested Golden Coach’
* Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong, ‘Tourism and the Cultural Imagination of Slavery’
* Esther Captain and Jennifer Tosch, ‘Sites of Memory: Drift 27’
Student programmeD21 0.32More information can be found here.
13:00LunchHall Drift 21
14:00Session 4a
Contemporary Culture
Chair: Margriet van de Waal
* Anne Marieke van der Wal, ‘Kaap AFRIKAans Hip-hop’
* Aafje de Roest, ‘Slavery in Contemporary Dutch Hip-Hop’
* Ayesha Harruna Attah, ‘Uncovering Silence in Slavery’
Session 4b
Archives and Activism
Chair: Devin Vartija
* Laura Wetherington, ‘Henk Rossouw’s Xamissa
* Brenda Bikoko, ‘Appropriated Postcoloniality?’
* Karen van Minnen, ‘Mining Inequality’
15:30TeaHall Drift 21
16:00Panel discussion
Anton de Kom in education
Moderator: Yra van Dijk
* Thalia Ostendorf
* Michiel van Kempen
* Henna Goudzand
* Esther Vogel
17:00Wrap upD21,
Organising committee
17:15DrinksRestaurant Gys, Voorstraat 21
18:00End of conference
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